Creating the perfect look with color cosmetics is often easier said than done. 

As a little girl, I watched my mom in the mirror as she expertly sketched a thin layer of undereye liner, applied a gentle swipe of light lilac eye shadow and puckered her lips to apply a perfectly symmetrical swipe of lipstick. Today, I find myself lost for hours watching social media reels for tricks and tips on how to create the perfect pout or layer eye shadow to create a twinkling, metallic lid designed to make one’s natural eye color pop. 

What I’ve learned on this journey is that makeup application is an art form.  

For beginners, stepping into the world of color cosmetics can be daunting. With a myriad of products and techniques to choose from, getting the basics right is key. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s a lot easier to build your skills as you experiment with products, application methods and even looks. In this post, thePinkPanel experts will guide you through some fundamental makeup tips for beginners.

1. Creating the Perfect Canvas

Committing to a regular skincare routine is the foundation of a successful makeup routine. Before diving into the world of makeup, prioritize skincare to create a healthy and flawless canvas. Proper skincare not only ensures better makeup application but also helps maintain the overall health and appearance of your skin long-term. 

Start your makeup routine by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. Don’t be afraid to mix and match brands. If your go-to cleanser is made by Neutrogena and The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha is your favorite moisturizer and Drunk Elephant’s A-Shaba Complex is your must-have eye cream, then revel in the assortment and use what your skin loves best. Once you’re done pampering your skin, make sure your skin is dry before applying makeup. This not only ensures smooth makeup application but also keeps your skin healthy and radiant.

A point we cannot stress enough – don’t leave home without applying sunscreen to your face. You may use a multi-tasking moisturizer with SPF or a powder concealer with SPF, but if not, mineral or traditional chemical sunscreens will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays, prevent premature aging, sunburn and irreversible skin damage. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, will offer you ample protection. Make it a daily habit to apply it generously to your face and neck daily, regardless of the weather.

Consistency is key when it comes to skincare. Taking care of your skin is an act of self-care. Establish a daily skincare routine that includes cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen, and any targeted treatments for specific concerns. Also, no matter how tired you are at night, don’t forget to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed. Your skin will thank you in the morning!

2. Choose the Right Foundation

Now that you have your skincare done you can begin to create a flawless and natural-looking complexion by choosing the right foundation for your skin type and tone. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming, but considering a few factors can help you find the perfect match:

  • Identify your skin type. You may already know that your skin type is oily, dry, combination or normal, but if not, try observing how your skin feels throughout the day and note any areas of dryness or oiliness. 
  • Consider the coverage level you desire. Foundations come in various coverage options, including light, medium, and full coverage. Light coverage is sheer and provides a more natural look, while full coverage can conceal imperfections and blemishes. For beginners, a light to medium coverage foundation is ideal, as it allows for easier application and a more natural finish.
  • Select the foundation formula that feels the best on your skin. In recent years, innovative brands have moved beyond traditional liquid and stick foundations. Today, your foundation choices range from serum foundation to tinted oil foundation to whipped mousse foundation to powders and creams. If liquid feels too heavy on your skin, give a powder foundation or whipped mousse foundation a try.  
  • Understand the undertone of your skin. Your undertone is the subtle hue of your skin and it can be warm, neutral or cool. According to online publication Byrdie, you can look at the veins on your wrist to determine your undertone: blue or purple veins indicate cool undertones, greenish veins suggest warm undertones, and a mix of blue and green veins suggest neutral undertones.
  • When trying to find the right foundation shade, it’s best to swatch a few options on your jawline or the side of your face. The shade that disappears into your skin without blending too much or looking too ashy or orange is likely the best match.

3. Conceal Like a Pro

Think of concealer as the master of camouflage. This will be your go-to product to camouflage imperfections, brighten the under-eye area, and create a smooth, perfected complexion. When used correctly, concealer can help you achieve a well-rested and radiant look while masking blemishes, discoloration of the skin and even out the appearance of your skin tone. If you need to hide any blemishes, dark circles, or redness, concealer is going to be your BFF. 

To spot-conceal problem areas, use a creamy concealer that matches your skin tone. Keep in mind, concealers come in a range of shades: 

  • Certain concealers are colored orange to conceal dark circles  
  • blue tinted concealer can neutralize discoloration caused by hyperpigmentation 
  • Green tinted concealer is the enemy of blemishes and breakouts – covering redness and the appearance of inflamed skin

Use a makeup sponge or brush to gently blend your concealer evenly into the skin. For blemishes, spots, or redness, use a small brush or the tip of your finger to tap concealer directly onto the problem area. Blend it seamlessly with your skin by patting and blend the concealer at the edge.

You may even choose to set the concealer with a thin layer of translucent setting powder to prevent creasing and cracking and promote long-lasting coverage. Use a small fluffy brush to press the powder gently onto the concealed areas.

Remember, concealer is one of those products that are buildable so start with a small amount, and if needed, build up coverage. The key to a seamless and natural-looking application is blending and using the right amount of product.

4. Enhance Your Eyes

Eye makeup can be a bit intimidating for beginners, but it’s also where you can get creative. There are a few ways you can enhance your eyes with makeup:

  • Well-groomed eyebrows frame your eyes and can make a significant difference in enhancing their appearance. Use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in any sparse areas and shape your brows to complement your eye shape.
  • Start with neutral eyeshadows in shades like taupe or brown. Apply a light shade on your eyelid, a slightly darker shade in the crease, and blend them together for a soft, blended look.
  • Try different eyeliner styles to find what suits your eye shape best. Classic winged eyeliner works for many, but you can also experiment with a smudged, smoky look or a tight line along the waterline for added intensity.
  • Apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes to make your eyes appear more open and voluminous. Wiggle the mascara wand at the roots of your lashes and then sweep it upwards for maximum impact.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Remember, in the beginning of this post we said that makeup application is an artform, not a science? Like every new undertaking, you’ll need to experiment and practice to master the looks you are trying to create. 

Take a rainy day to play with your palettes and experiment with different looks. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t master the smokey eye the first time you try. Keep your makeup wipes close at handand keep trying. Practice regularly, watch tutorials, and experiment with different looks to discover what suits you best. 

When you have finally mastered that look you were going for, we encourage you to show it off! Post a picture on your social media and tag thePinkPanel.

Don’t forget – start with the basics, focus on enhancing your best features, and most importantly, HAVE FUN with makeup. It’s a creative outlet that allows you to express yourself, so embrace the journey, experiment, and let your unique beauty shine through!

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